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Supports normal prostate function and urinary tract health,  neutralizes free radicals and supports prostate health.



- Saw palmetto: Saw palmetto helps to have normal function of prostate and normal urinary tract. This extract in combination with others is used to maintain a healthy urinary function in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

- Zinc: is a potent antioxidants that helps neutralize free radicals present in our body and to maintain a healthy prostate.


Bulking agent (Maltodextrin E-1400), Lubricant (Vegetable magnesium stearate E-572), Anti-caking agent (Silicon dioxide E-551).



Adults: Take two capsules a day the first month and one a day from the second month.
This product is a food supplement to get a normal function of prostate, so it is recommended to take it during 3 months minimum.


Shelf life: 3 years


60 capsules


- With Fructose

- Halal Food

- Gluten Free

- Lactose Free

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    A combination of natural extract of Saw palmetto and Zinc to supports and protects a man’s prostate, bladder and urinary tract.



    Ingredients Amount per capsule NRV %NRV
    Saw palmetto extract 10 mg ** **
    Zinc 5 mg 10 mg 50%

    ** NRV not established

    NVR: Nutrient Reference Value

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